Quest’s Cybersecurity Checkup Program

Keeping Hackers at bay with Critical
Cybersecurity Checkups!

With the constant rise in cyber-attacks, keeping your organization safe from hackers has become an ongoing battle.

Quest offers a Cybersecurity Checkup Program that is designed to review configuration and adjustments to your critical security systems and flows. These checkups allow for experts to do a review of your configuration, changes to vendor security improvements and provide recommendations for improving your security operations.

Our Cybersecurity Checkup Program includes a series of 7 individual Cybersecurity Checkups that have been developed to help in each critical flow that threat actors consistently attack. Checkups can be ordered individually or bundle for increase cybersecurity protection to provide maximum flexibility to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Email Security Flow

The importance of securing your email has never been more important than now and should be a high priority process. With the changes in rules, ratings, and attacks, checking your email flow, and email anti-malware settings once every 6 months will ensure you’re keeping up with the latest configurations and processes to minimize email attacks. Quest’s Email Security Flow Checkup will also let you know your email protection rating with your tools and email systems such as Microsoft 0365.


Gaps in patching has been a threat bad actors have been easily exploiting for years. However, keeping up with patching has been incredibly difficult to complete for most organizations. The growth of threats with every application and operating systems have been exponential therefor, having a Patch Management Checkup once every 6 months allows your team to review their process, effectiveness and help close any gaps before it’s too late.

End-Point protection

End-point protection is a checkup that allows Quest security experts to see into the effectiveness of your desktop and server anti-virus tools. Our End-Point Protection Checkup allows you to review your policy’s that could impact the tool from being effective and review options to improve your security posture – because It’s critical for your organization to completely understand what is being blocked versus monitored and how the tool you’ve implemented will report a threat.


System backups have been a common IT practice for many years however, these days it’s imperative to have a highly proactive and effective backup process with the understanding of its effectiveness against ransomware. Nowadays organizations not only need to have an offsite copy, but they also need an immutable copy. This is extremely critical - effective backup systems help protect against ransomware. Quest’s Backup Checkup will allow your team to have a second set of eyes to review your current backup process and provide guidance.


Having secure remote access is essential for all organizations. Remote access, BYOD, work from home and 3rd party access are services all companies provides to their business users. But with every access comes another vulnerability. Because these services are constantly changing within your organization, a review of your process and systems every 6 months is vital. Quest’s Remote Access Checkup provides your organization a second set of eyes as new requirements come into your company, a check for security threats as well as provided recommendations.

DNS Protection/URL Filtering

Effective DNS/URL protection provides organizations with visibility into where people are going to the Internet – this includes what is leaving your company. Threat actors constantly focus on bypassing these systems, unfortunately many organizations do not have this protection set up correctly creating hidden vulnerabilities. Quest’s DNS/URL Checkup provides a review as to where your users are going, new threat vectors you would need to understand and feedback for new vendor enhancements that are available to prevent new threat vectors.


Your firewall is your gateway to the Internet and since platforms are constantly being updated along with feature enhancements this needs to be consistently checked. This includes traffic coming in and out of your network. Additionally, the IPS also provides visibility to the in and out bound traffic and needs to be reviewed on a regular basis as well for logging and blocks. Quest’s Firewall/IPS(Intrusion Protection) checkup is a fundamental security component for every organization. We recommend this checkup to be performed every 6 months, if not every quarter.

How Does the Quest Cybersecurity Checkup Program Work?

Start off with a simple conversation with Quest expert - this will help you determine which checkup or checkup bundle, and frequency thereof would best fit your business needs as part of your overall cybersecurity plan. Quest recommends these checkups to be conducted at least once every 6 months.


Quest’s Cybersecurity Checkup Program
7 specialized checkups  |  3 different plans to choose from

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